Salina Heights Christian Church takes seriously Jesus’ command to “go and make disciples of all nations…” Therefore, a substantial portion of our offering is passed on to those who work in spreading THE WORD OF GOD around the world.


The Boyds - Kosovo    
The Carders - Indonesia    
The Vesterbergs (Words of Light) - Honduras    


A School of Missions (in October) is a favorite annual event. The ministry team leaders are Hazel Kelley (785-227-4732) and Bruce Wilson (785-643-3145).

  Our Elders
Christ has ordained steward-leaders to direct the affairs of the church, under His own direction. These steward-leaders are referred to in the Scriptures as Elders/Shepherds/Bishops/etc. The Elders are to keep watch over the flock (congregation) of which the Holy Spirit has appointed them.

The congregation is directed in the Scriptures to submit to the Elders in all things, that their work may be a joy.

The present Elders at Salina Heights Christian Church are:
Mickey Birney
Chuck Romm

Bruce Wilson

Ministry of Finance
Of course, the oil which keeps all this machinery and ministry rolling is our tithes and offerings. Money is the means of
exchange in society. We turn our energy and efforts into products and services, for which our employers “pay” us. We bring our “pay” and give it to the Lord (via His Church) and here it is again converted—turned into teaching materials,
benevolence, heated and lighted rooms in which to meet, workers in many fields, etc.

Dedicated, Godly men are sought out to handle these funds. They prepare budgets, collect and distribute funds, and teach good stewardship. The leader of this ministry team is Chuck Heaton (823-1018).

  Ministry of Buildings & Grounds
We are always reminded that the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ is people—not a building. Our speech often betrays us, for we often speak of “going to church,” but perhaps the more proper word would be “at the church building.”

B&G maintains several facilities for the SHCC family located at 801 E. Cloud St and the houses at 821 E. Cloud and 810 Russell. These buildings require constant upkeep, cleaning and maintenance.

B&G is responsible for scheduling “work days” and supervising work done on the real estate of the church. If you are interested in helping out around the "house" please contact the church office.

  Connection Groups
Connection Groups are "the smaller" side of Life" meeting intermittenly throughout the week.  Through these groups we grow in our relationship with God and others. Look for a list of available groups posted weekly in the bulletin.
This ministry coordinates all phases of and people involved in our worship assembly. This includes everything from music to décor, from delivery of communion to shut-ins to the children worship, from the greeters in the parking lot to closing chorus. The ministry team leader is Kyle Martin (825-0282).
  Youth Ministry
Our youth 6th thru 12th grade meet on Sunday mornings and evenings. Other special events, such as youth rallies, missions excursions, field trips, etc. are scheduled throughout the year. We have a great team of volunteers who make our youth are a priority at SHCC. The ministry team leader is Micah Crosley (823-7050).
  Children Education/Ministry
We hold the Bible as God’s Living Word and suitable for instruction in all things, whether personal, family, church, or world. Therefore we encourage classroom and individual study of the Bible. This ministry is responsible for recruiting, training and supervising teachers for all elementary Sunday School classes and children’s ministry during our primary worship services. The ministry team leader is Dannae Houser (823-7050).

Sunday School (9:00 a.m.) classes are offered for all ages—— Nursery through 12th grade. Special sessions/classes are provided during worship service for nursery through 5th grade.

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