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Many groups are on a summer break/schedule so check the bulletin each week for times and locations!


  • SUMMER BREAK - College Connection                 Heaton's 6:30pm Contact Travis Heaton 
  • Miller Connection @ Michael Miller home 6pm


  • SUMMER BREAK     SINGLES (S.T.R.ONG.)  Connection @ church                         6:45pm / Contact Monica Engelhardt
  • SUMMER BREAK      Dodd's Connection @ Dodd's / 6:30pm  Contact Pam or Dale Dodd


  • VARIED TIMES      Regier Connection @  Regier's / 6:45pm    Contact Mark or Karol Regier
  • SUMMER BREAK Cole's Connection @                Dennis and Shanda Cole's  6:45pm
  • SUMMER BREAK  Wilson's Connection @           church / 6:30pm  Contact Bruce or Joanne          This group eats together. Feel free to bring a dish to share.

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